Creartec Glass Casting Crystal Clear Resin 1000 ml.

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Product Description

Clear and Transparent Polyester Glass Casting Resin is used to impregnate dry objects, such as shells, stones, coins, glass beads and model toys. It is suitable for the production of paper weights, picture frames, paintings with embedded dry and pressed plants, key tags, etc.

Procedure: The resin is cured by the addition of 1.6% to 3% liquid hardener to the amount of resin used (eg 50 ml of resin 0.8 ml to max. 1.5 ml of hardener). After pouring properly mixed resin with a hardener, cover the form with a stronger plastic film such as Euroballs, bookcases, etc. The film prevents evaporation of the resin hardener and causes perfect cure. This prevents the castability of the casting. Once the foil has hardened, you can easily separate it from the resin and grind it with fine sandpaper and polish it with our resin polish. Each set contains polyester resin, hardener and mixing cup.

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