Decola Glass & Ceramics Paint 20 ml. - 12 pack

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  • DEC 4041114
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  • 4607010583958
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  • RussiaRussia
  Expected delivery date 07 Feb 2022
Decola, Russia
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Product Description

The Decola series of acrylic paints for glass & ceramics are intended for paintingon glass, porcelain, ceramics, earthenware. Also suitable for application on polystyrene, plexiglass and other types of plastic. Paints mix well with each other, maintain colour purity in mixtures, are lightfast, resistant to water, and do not require firing fixation.

This Decola Set includes: 12 x 20 ml. of 
White, Yellow Light, Orange, Rose Light, Red, Green Light, Emerald Green, Celestial Blue, Blue Deep, Violet Light, Brown, Black.
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