Decola Textile Liner 18 ml. - Rose

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  • DEC 5403322
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Decola, Russia
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Product Description

Contours are used to create additional decorative effects on fabrics of silk and cotton, as well as to draw small details, inscriptions and patterns, spot painting, etc. Fabric contours can be used both independently and in combination with acrylic paints on fabric. Decola series. When painting silk fabrics, they can only be used for decorative drawing in combination with reserves, since the contours do not prevent the mixing of colors of different shades and cannot independently be the border between the colors. When decorating cotton or linen fabrics, contours are used to draw small details or as an independent means of decoration. Contours are available in tubes with a pointed nozzle, which makes it easy to apply the acrylic composition directly from the tube by smoothly pressing the case. The consistency of paint and a unique nozzle prevent the appearance of blots in the painting process and allow you to get volumetric relief patterns, dots, strokes and other elements. After drawing the contour, the product must be dried and fixed with an iron or hair dryer, according to the instructions on the package. Acrylic contours are not washed off and well withstand delicate washing.
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