Master Class Acrylic Paints Gift Set 18 ml. - 12 Pack

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Master Class, Russia
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Product Description

Master Class acrylic paints are made specifically for professional artists. The high pigment capacity and minimum fill content preserve the gloss, intensity and depth of colours during drying. These colours have a rich texture and viscosity and are perfectly suited for traditional paintings as well as for design work and always guarantee a perfect result.

Set includes acrylic glossy lacquer 120 ml and brushes Nevskaya Palitra No. 4 (flat) and No. 3 (round) by 1 piece, 12 x 18 ml tube : 101 titanium white214 lemon237 yellow permanent350 red permanent319 carmine508 cobalt blue501 light ultramarine703 phthalocyanine green727 olive green405 raw sienna, 408 burnt umbra800 Mars black or 801 Lamp black.

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