Fimo Air Light 250g. - White

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FIMO, Germany
Art-Distribution EU - Groothandel Creatieve Artikele
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FIMO Air light is a particularly light modelling clay that can be air-dried or dried in a microwave. Air hardening depends on the thickness, the clay will harden in just a few days. For microwave hardening a microwaveable plastic cup filled with at least 125ml of cold water MUST be put on the turntable in the microwave during the hardening procedure to guarantee an even hardening result and avoid overheating. The modelling clay and water will become very hot during the hardening process and should be left to cool down before removing from the microwave to avoid burns. Do not exceed a hardening time of 20 minutes at a time. If needed, repeat hardening process for larger items. If you need to harden the same model several times in the microwave, leave approx. 5 minutes between hardening processes for cooling and replace the hot water with cold water. Finished models can be modified easily (gluing, painting, varnishing). 

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