Ladoga Acrylic Gift Set 12 x 18 ml.

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Ladoga, Russia
Art-Distribution EU - Groothandel Creatieve Artikele
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The colours cover well, they are fast-drying, light-fast and waterproof after drying. They are popular for simple and versatile use and excellent colour adhesion. Diluted with water, they can be mixed with each other for more colour combinations. The drying time of the thin and medium thick paint is approximately 1 hour. If you use a retarder, you will increase the drying time to 3 hours. Use:  canvas boards, canvas, cardboard, paper, wood, sheet metal, stone. 

Set includes acrylic glossy varnish 120 ml and 2 long handle brushes Nevskaya Palitra,  12 x 18 ml : titanium white, lemon, yellow medium, ochre light, red, rose deep, green medium, phthalocyanine blue, ultramarine, raw sienna, burnt umber, lamp black. 

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