Pebeo Studio XL Oil Colour Set 20 ml. - 20 Pack

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Pebeo, France
Art-Distribution EU - Groothandel Kunstenaarsbenodigdheden
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A set of 20 oil paints Huile Fine XL Pebeo recommended for artists with different experience. The series of paints is characterized by an intense, clear range of colors of high lightfastness, which will ensure perfect image appearance for a long time. Included in the set are pastel shades, iridescent shades and even paints with a deep gloss effect. All colors are easily miscible, so you can easily expand the palette of colors with new, unique shades. They are characterized by resistance to thermal and photooxidation. These paints based on the best pigments and oils are non-toxic. They are characterized by a great consistency and spreadability. They can be diluted with linseed oil or turpentine oil. They work well with all media intended for this technique. The time of surface drying is 3-6 days. Paintings made with oil paints can be protected with varnish after 6-9 months. Set contain titanum white, bright yellow, primary cadmium yellow hue, cadmium yellow deep hue, cadmium light red hue, magenta, vivid pink, ultramarineblue, primary phthalo blue, vivid turquoise, sap green, ivory, yellow ocher, burnt umber, neutral gray , ivory black hue, iridescent orange yellow, iridescet red blue, iridescent blue green, payne's gray and one brush.

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