Pebeo Watercolour Coffret Collection Box - 36 Pack

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Pebeo, France
Art-Distribution EU - Groothandel Kunstenaarsbenodigdheden
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Coffret collection Pebeo 300611 Watercolor Box collection contains essential elements for this painting technique. Pebeo watercolors are easily diluted with water and offer tones and transparency that do not disappear after drying. The colors are vivid, intermixable and light resistant.

Colorex is a watercolor ink with a special gloss and a velvety final appearance. It is used as it is or diluted, it can be applied with a brush, waterbrush, pipette or airbrush. The colors are intermixable and with the help of opaque white different shades can be obtained, even pastel colors. Like any other ink, Colorex is UV sensitive. To prevent deterioration over time, it is recommended to use a UV-resistant varnish.

India Ink is opaque and glossy, fluid, and can be diluted with water as needed. After drying, it becomes water resistant and does not erase.

The acrylic marker is extremely versatile, and the 0.7mm tip makes it ideal for final coughing and even writing. The color is matte, opaque, pigmented and permanent. Resists light and dries quickly.

The masking liquid in the form of a marker facilitates the application on the surfaces to be painted with watercolor or watercolor ink. After drying, remove it by rubbing it with your fingers or with a eraser.

Set includes:12 watercolour half pans: primary lemon yellow 01, cadmium yellow pale 02, primary red cadmium 05, Alizarin Crimson 08, primary phthalo blue, cobalt blue 13, permanent green 16, earth green 20, yellow ocher 21, burnt sienna 23 , burnt umber 24, ivory black 27. 5 x 20 ml Colorex: Primary yellow, Cyan, Magenta, Sepia, White.1 bottle of 20ml black ink India Ink, 1 black acrylic marker 0.7mm, 1 marker with 4mm masking liquid, 1 aquabrush, 5 pipettes, 1 brush, 2 graphite pencils 2B and HB, 1 double sharpener, 1 eraser, 5 sheets of A5 watercolor paper. Box size 39.5x28.2x5.9 cm.

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