Pebeo Studio XL Oil Coffret Collection Box - 23 Pack

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Pebeo, France
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Product Description

XL Studio oils are modern, bright, pigmented, suitable for both work in consistent layers and for glazes. It dries quickly, allowing new layers of colour to be added after only 3 days.

4Artist Marker is a permanent, multi-purpose oil-based product. It can be used in mixed techniques to create splashes of color, accents and delimitations, gradients and drawings over the already dry colors. The colors are glossy, light resistant and dry evenly. 4Artist Marker is the perfect contemporary tool. It can be used as it is in oil painting techniques, acrylic, ink. It does not varnish with solvent based varnish.

The refined linseed oil is an auxiliary product of the oil colors, making them easier to work with and increasing their gloss.

The set contains : 2 synthetic brushes no. 4 and no. 6, 12 tubes of XL Studio Fine Oil 20ml: primary yellow imit., Cadmium yellow deep imit., Cadmium light red imit., Magenta, ultramarine blue, primary phthalo blue, vivid turquoise, sap green, yellow ocher, burnt umber, Payne's gray, ivory black imit., 1 tube of 80 ml of Titanium white, 1 marker 4Artist 4mm, black, 1 bottle of 75ml with refined linseed oil, 2 knives for painting, 3 cardboards 22 x 16 cm, 1 plastic palette for painting, with 6 compartments and the area to mix colours. Box size 39.5 x 28.2 x 5.9 cm.

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