Pebeo XL Studio Oil Paint Set 12 ml. - 24 Pack

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Pebeo, France
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Product Description

Oil paints from the Studio series have a thick, creamy consistency. Due to their consistency, these paints give a wide range of possibilities to achieve various effects, from transparency to thick layers applied with a brush or spatula. Paints, thanks to their strong pigmentation, have vivid and deep colours. They offer very good light fastness and efficiency, they can be combined and mixed with the media. They are suitable for painting on cardboard, canvas, wood, metal etc. Drying time 2 - 6 days. They are suitable for varnishing after 6 - 9 months, depending on the thickness of the applied paint layer.

The set includes 24 colours of 12ml each: primary cadmium yellow hue, cadmium yellow deep hue, cadmium orange hue, cadmium light red hue, magenta, crimson, cobalt violet light, prussian blue, ultramarine blue, primary phthalo blue, cerruleum blue, english light green, phthalocyanine emerald, sap green, naples yellow, yellow ochre, bright pink, red ochre, burnt sienna, burnt umber, Payne's gray, ivory black hue, imitation zinc white, titanium white.

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