Essdee Print Foam A4 - 10 Pack

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Essdee, England
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Product Description

Essdee’s smooth Print Foam can be used to easily create exciting prints and images without the need for sharp cutters. The smooth-surface Printfoam is 10mm thick allowing deeper and more detailed impressions and is ideal for use as a fun and safe introduction to block printing for younger users. Impressions can be made in the foam blocks using either pointed or even relatively blunt objects (a pencil or wooden lollypop stick) or draw directly into the sheet to create an image. To make a print simply use an ink roller to apply block printing ink to the surface in the normal way. Printfoam can be easily cut into shapes with a craft knife or scissors, and is commonly used for model making. Dimension 210 x 297 x 10 mm. Pack of 10 Sheets.
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