Tart Compact Beechwood H-Frame Table Easel - TM 31

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Product Description

The classical and very popular model is the ideal solution for the artist with limited studio space. It is a compact but sturdy, reliable and very flexible horizontal easel. This table easel is made of high-quality Carpathian beech wood, sanded to a smooth surface, and permeated with linseed oil that gives necessary moisture protection and a beautiful shade.

Can be used for sketching or painting, and with the additional clipboard for watercolor.
Folds flat for compact storage and easy transportation.
The feature of this easel is the ladder mechanism for the tilt angle adjustment.
This easel is suitable for painting on the premises and for exhibition purposes.

Type: table, H-frame design, portative
Easel height: 540 mm
Maximum canvas height: 475 mm
Shelf width: 410 mm
Load: to 5 kg
Folded dimensions: 390х450х65mm
Weight: 1,7 kg
Adjusting the tilt angle : Ladder
Upper clamp: Yes
Portative: Yes
Wood: Beech
Permeated linseed oil: Yes

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