About Us

Are you tired of high minimum orders, slow reaction times, and uncertainty over availability of goods from producers?

With our B2B sales platform, you can beat factory minimums and delivery deadlines, with more information and better service.

We are one of Europe’s most dynamic and innovative wholesalers/distributors in the European market for Arts, Craft, and Hobby supplies, serving retailers since 1991.

Our very low € 100 minimum order (including free delivery) allows you to get exactly the product you want, with an industry best-practice delivery time. All orders placed before 12:00 noon leave the same day, so most European orders are delivered in 2-3 days from the time you place your order. Thanks to this, you can better manage your stocks of slow-moving merchandise, and offer better service to your clients. And our sliding scale of volume discounts allows you big savings on larger, less urgent orders.

Not only that, but thanks to our B2B sales platform’s integration with our warehouse, you see exactly what we have in stock, so you know exactly what you’re getting, at the moment you place your order. No more waiting nervously for a sales assistant to issue your invoice, to find out whether you are getting what you ordered! With Art-Distribution EU, you know what you are getting, instantly, when you press the “confirm order” button!

We’re out of stock of something you need? You have access to our scheduled delivery from every supplier, and you can get automatic e-mails when the product you are looking for is back in stock.

In addition to the much-higher levels of service than what you are getting elsewhere, our low-cost base of business in Eastern Europe means that you are paying less for our warehousing, picking, packing, and administration than similar services offered by European factories, which means that our prices are competitive.

So improve your bottom line while simultaneously improving your customer service. Register an account today to have see our prices and discount structure. All you need is your European VAT tax number so we can verify that you are a registered business eligible for intra-European trade. If you need assistance by telephone, we have a customer service team waiting to help you in English.

Welcome aboard!