Coates Willow Charcoal Medium (5-6 mm) - 25 Pack

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Coates English Willow, England
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Product Description

A handy little box of 25 sticks of thin willow charcoal. These sticks measure approximately 5-6 mm in diameter. They are ideal for fine, detailed drawing. This charcoal is made using the top of the willow rod where the wood is the thinnest. Please be aware that willow charcoal is a completely natural product made simply from the willow grown on our farm. Therefore the sizes of the charcoal sticks are approximate measurements, one end of the charcoal stick will differ in size to the other end. Look very carefully at a stick of willow charcoal and you will see the marks where the leaves have been removed from the willow stick and also the soft central pith at the core of the stick.