Faber-Castell India Ink Pitt Artist Pen Portrait Colours - 6 Pack

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Faber-Castell, Germany
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Product Description

The PITT artist pen by Faber-Castell combines the vibrancy and permanence of traditional India drawing ink with the convenience of a modern disposable pen. The flexible point of the B brush pen creates expressive lines from 1–5 mm in width. The pigmented and lightfast drawing ink is ideal for sketches, drawings, layouts, fashion design, and illustration. The ink is also water-resistant, permanent, odor-free, acid-free, and pH neutral.

The asterisks on the pen barrel specify the level of lightfastness:
*** = maximum (100+ years)
** = very good (25+ years)
* = good (5+ years)

This set of B (Brush) pens contains 6 colors. These are the colors, listed with color name, color number, and asterisks indicating lightfastness: Apricot 116 **, Pale Pink 114 **, Beige Red 132 **, Sanguine 188 ***, Raw Umber 180 ***, and Dark Sepia 175 ***.

Note: PITT artist pens should be stored horizontally for best performance. If the ink appears darker than it should, store the pen horizontally or tip up for a day or two.


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