Master Class Tempera Paints Set 18 ml. - 12 Pack

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Master Class, Russia
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Product Description

Artist's tempera polyvinyl-acetate colours of the "Master-Class" are produced on the basis of high quality organic and non-organic pigments and polyvinyl-acetate dispersion. They are traditional materials for painting. Due to thoroughly chosen components the "Master-Class" tempera colours suit perfectly for painting and decorative-design works. They are easily drawn on paper, cardboard, grounded and non-grounded canvas, ceramics and wood. After drying up they foam an elastic opaque indelible film.

Contains Titanium White***, Cadmium Lemon***, Cadmium yellow Medium***, Cadmium Red Light***or Cadmium Red Deep***, Iron Red***or Madder Lake Red(HUE)**, Ultramarine**or Cobalt Blue***, Phthalocyanine Blue***, Emerald Green**, Ochrer Light***, Raw Sienna***, Burnt Umber***or Burnt Sienna***, Lamp Black**. 

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