Mitchell Round Hand Dip Pen Set

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William Mitchell, England
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Product Description

The William Mitchell Round Hand Dip Pen set is one of the classic tools for calligraphy. Available in a set of ten different sizes, these pen nibs have a very fine graduation of widths. They are ideal for many lettering styles for both professional and amateur use. Included in the box set are two slip-on reservoirs, multipurpose pen holder and magnet. Suitable for all types of edged pen lettering including the Uncial, Gothic, Roman and Italic hands. Each pen has a protective laquer to avoid tarnishing.

Contents Include:10 x Round Hand Dip Pen Nibs, 1 x no.0 (3.7mm), 1 x no.1 (3.0mm), 1 x no.1½ (2.4mm), 1 x no.2 (1.9mm), 1 x no.2½ (1.5mm), 1 x  no.3 (1.2mm, 1 x no.3½ (1.0mm), 1 x no.4 (0.8mm), 1 x no.5 (0.6mm), 1 x no.6 (0.5mm), 2 x Two Slip-on Reservoirs, 1 x Multipurpose Pen Holder, 1 x hard Storage Box

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