Pebeo Porcelaine 150 Discovery Collection 12 x 20 ml.

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Pebeo, France
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Product Description

Pebeo porcelain paint is water-based. Easy to use, it offers a great choice of colours miscible with one another, shiny and resistant to light. These can be applied on porcelain, earthenware and metal, and on any other support capable of withstanding a temperature of 150°C (300°F). After a 24-hour drying period, place the painted porcelain in a cold oven. Once a temperature of 150°C (300°F) has been reached, bake for 35 minutes. The colours then take on a real enamelled appearance and are dishwasher safe. To make colours more liquid, use the Porcelain 150 thinner. A matte finish can be obtained by adding a few drops of matte medium to the colour. The shiny medium lightens the colours without causing them to fade. Drying time: A few minutes for the surface, 24 hours minimum throughout.

Set include 12 x 20 ml of Gold, Ivory, Anthracite Black, Bronze Green, Sapphire Blue, Turquoise, Parma Violet, Fuschia, Opaline Pink, Scarlet Red, Agate Orange, Marseilles Yellow.

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