Pentart 1-Step Crackle Medium - 230 ml.

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  • PENT 3214
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  • 5997412750713
  • Made in EU
  • EUEU
  • Country of Origin
  • HungaryHungary
  Expected delivery date 15 Mar 2022
Pentart, Hungary
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Product Description

Watercolour that causes cracking of acrylic paint. Want to get the effect of cracked, aging surface on the object just made, use the ideal one-component aging paint. Paint the surface of the workpiece with acrylic paint, then dry it with a lacquer to crack. Once the varnished surface has dried, paint it with another colour of acrylic paint than the previous one. During drying, the cracks on the second layer of paint will show cracks in which the previously used colour will appear. The cushion pattern depends on the thickness of the individual layers and on how they are applied. Not immune to frost !. 
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