Tart Pochade Box Easel with Folding Legs, Maximum Canvas Height 680 mm. (Dark Nut Stain)

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Product Description

Equipped with trailed telescopic legs and one extra shelf for placing artistic tools. A stylish nut color underlines the aesthetic of the pochade box.

- internal fastening of a canvas
- two-section aluminium legs
- transport belt
- lacquered case cover
- palette

The TART PARIS ЕММ-101 pochade box is the smallest and lightest in its category. This model which is made of high-quality Carpathian beechwood is ease of use, durable, and versatility. Our pochade box is essentially an easel and a palette in one.

It includes a multifunctional box with a lot of sectors for different art supplies and a removable aluminum tripod that has a big range of height regulations and covered by powder paint. The pochade box is equipped with a tripod case, a strap for comfortable transportation and palette.

The weight of this pochade box is only 2.7 kg, while the maximum canvas height is 680 mm. When you’re done using the pochade box it can be easily folded up for effortless storage and carrying.

Cover: varnishing of nut color
Height: 680 mm
Load: tо 6 kg
Folded dimensions: 400х245х80 mm
Shelf Size: 218х345х12 mm
Weight: 2,7 kg
Adjustment of a tilt angle: Smooth
Wood: Beech, birch
Legs: Metal (aluminum), removable
Portable: Yes
Upper clamp: Yes
Height: Adjustable