Tart Pochade Box Easel with Side Drawer and Folding Legs, Maximum Canvas Height 610 mm.

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Product Description

A plein air and table pochade box TART provides an option of duplex fixation of the canvas. Features of the construction allow using the pochade box as for table and so outdoors painting. 

- internal and external fastening of a canvas
- two-section aluminium legs with the strengthened fastening
- pull-out shelf
- transport belt
- soft handle
- palette

Functional two sides pochade box with a movable drawer is designed to carry all the essentials for a day of plein air painting. This model which is made of high-quality Carpathian beechwood is ease of use, durable, and versatility. Our pochade box is essentially an easel and a palette in one.

It includes a movable drawer for different art supplies and removable aluminum tripod with a big range of height regulations. This pochade box features by removable legs equipped with articulated bars and covered by powder paint. All wooden details are permeated linseed oil.

The pochade box includes a palette, a strap and a handle for comfortable transportation. The pochade box features two-sides clamps for painting on both sides. The weight of this pochade box is 4,5 kg, while the maximum canvas height is 610 mm. When you’re done using the pochade box it can be easily folded up for effortless storage and wearing.

Maximum canvas height: 610 mm
Load: to 6 kg
Folded dimensions: 415х310х100 mm
Weight: 4,5 kg
Adjusting the tilt angle: Smooth
Wood: Beech, birch plywood
Permeated linseed oil: Yes
Legs: Metal (aluminum), removable with articulated bars
Portative: Yes
Two-sides: Yes
Upper clamp: Yes
Pochade box height: Adjustable